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Has your choice in guitar gear evolved??


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Just curious if anybody else has gone through the same kind of guitar gear preference changes since you first started. When I started playing ( age 13) I was a hardcore 80’s hair metal fanatic! I strictly used Humbuckers, light gage strings (8’s) and thinner picks. The more distortion the better! I hated Stratocasters and  single coil pickups because I thought they were too clean and couldn’t pull off good harmonics. Boy, I’ve completely turned around. Lots of things over the years totally  made a liar out of me.. I love Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs. Didn't realize all that time that many of his great solos I loved were played with a STRATOCASTER!! Same thing with guitarist  of Accept. I loved his squealing guitar solos.. I read the album cover.. he used a Stratocaster too!! Today.. I couldn’t deny that SRV. Had one of the best guitar tones around. He played a Strat with heavy strings. Today.. many years later ,I won’t play anything BUT a Stratocaster with single coil pickups and mostly with the neck pickup!! I also play 11’s strings at standard 440 tuning. Plus I only use thicker jazz picks. I love great smooth punchy clear tube driven guitar tone that’s got harmonics without all the distortion. Wow... what a metamorphosis!

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