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JTV-69 --> Helix Floor --> Spider Valve 112 (Bogner) power amp

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I was looking for bang-for-buck! Over the past 50 years I've owned and played a number of guitars. SG, LP Custom, LP Jr., Strat, Ibanez Pro... Same with amps. Vox Super Beatle, various Marshalls and Fenders, Orange... I even went down the modeling path a in the early 2000s with a Fender Cyber Twin. I always wanted good modeling with tubes out.


I like playing a lot different genre and that leads to a lot of different tones. Played a friends JTV-69 through his Spider Valve 112 (Bogner). Found the same rig on EBay some years later and jumped on it. I really liked the rig and could get close to just about any tone I wanted. I liked it a lot but never really loved it. Just accepted the close but never perfect tone in exchange for the versatility to dollar ratio. Then I got a deal on a Helix and damn! Now I'm truly in love with the rig. The versatility is even greater now and the tones are insane. All the modeling you could ever want through the Bogner tube amp is just a joy to work with. I also play keyboards, Korg Krome 88, and have replaced all my MIDI pedals with the Helix. Less gear to carry, maintain, and worry about is always a good thing. I've even come up with some pretty nice presets for my harp. Haven't tried vocals through the Helix but I intend to. I can see the JTV-69, Helix, and some FRFRs being an ideal rig for a single. 

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