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Vetta II Acting up intermittently


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Well, My Legacy Vetta II served me well for 10 years, Its been acting up lately and now its really starting to show signs of age. Not sure if its like an old receiver and I need to change all the electrolytic Caps but this is what is happening. First of all my setup is Windows 7 PC ( edit workbench & the monkey). Everything is up to date. I use midi comm to and from the Vetta II via m-audio device then on to my Variax 700 guitar, I have a fbv-foot board too. Right now just to simplify my diagnostics the foot-board is not connected. 


So, when you power up the Vetta II you will hear a quick pop sound or a few very quick pops sounds or just awful noise. This quits and the amp goes silent.  I always adjust the volume way down before power up.  When you plug in the Variax (I resorted to new RJ45 cable) the amp may not produce sound right away but sometimes it dose. The Vetta always defaults to factory settings too. Sometimes if the Variax is plugged in when you power up it the amp stays silent. If you re-plug the Variax In/out then in it seems to be OK. I am careful not to adjust the volume up too.  Sometimes when you change the channel on the amp the amps sound goes silent too. If you change any setting on the Variax guitar it works aok all the time no problem here. So If you re-plug the Variax it seems to reset and the amp produces sound. This is not the case all the time but its very annoying. If a re-plug doesn't work I just re-power the amp and start the process I just explained. 


One more thing. High E is not as loud as the others? Even when you hit it hard it not there like the other four. Well I really liked this when it was 100% but now I would like to get her back to the way it was before.  


Also when you look at the LCD display in the middle of the Vetta II its so dim you can't see a thing.


I also change the ribbon cable from the Variax pick up bridge to the PCB. I rung the connections from the bridge via the new ribbon cable too. I also re-flowed all the piezo pickup solder joint too.


Please send me comments


From my observation I think the Rj45 connectors require service. On the LCD it looks like I need a new one too.

I think the amps power supply may need a rebuild too.

How can I get a copy of the schematics so I can source the passive devices.


Thanks for the time and send me comments.








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