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Switch from clean to distorted

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Hey everyone

Very new to the spider v 30 mkII

I've come back to playing after a 25 year hiatus.

Alot has certainly changed in that time

However with all the settings/ options etc on the amp what is the best way to switch from a clean sound to distortion mid song?

My guitar only has the single volume knob btw


Thanks in advance

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Basically the easiest way is to turn the selection knob to the next distorted patch in your amp. One other way is to have your amp connected to your phone with the Spider Remote app open and select your desired tone with a touch.


If your next distorted sound is far away you can drag&drop them to order them.


And the more expensive option available to you, you can buy the FBV3 control pedal.


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Thanks for the tips

Didn't realise i could change the order of the patches so that's a good pick up.


I read up on the FBV pedals as well thanks


I ended up picking up a new FBV2 from an online store at 50% off 

Its a simple 2 switch pedal which would do what i need for now.

Couple that with the tip will now give me what i need.

Thanks mate

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