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Jelly bean guitar POD V1, no power

Guest user-3190102

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Guest user-3190102

Worked fine for years until one day I heard a lot of hiss/noise through my amplifier. Isolated the cause to the POD. Both L/R outputs and headphone output were noisy. Then the amp models and effects started sounding wrong so I powered it off and it didn't come back. No signal, no display. 


Metered the power supply and on the circuit board, pre and post power switch and the correct voltage is there. Battery meters +3 volts on the circuit board, That's as far as I've gone inspecting it, other than looking for obvious stuff like a burnt component, swollen cap ect. All looks good other than some dull looking solder points. (Cold solder problem?) I've fixed a few electronics before by re-touching solder points, but my electronics knowledge is very limited. Anyone run across this problem with the Jelly bean? 



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