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XD-V75 + THH12 = no audio

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can help me! Thanks in advance for reading...


I've just taken my XD-V75 receiver and associated THH12 transmitter out of storage and plugged them back in expecting good things, however I am not able to get any audio.


They are certainly talking to each other - I can see the Transmitter Status light up at the appropriate times when I switch the mic on and off. I can also change Channel and it only connects when they are in sync.


However, there is no audio. If I unscrew the top of the mic, I do hear sound and the receiver goes into mute, so again it seems like there would be audio if there could be... but there isn't.


I've updated the firmware on both the mic and receiver successfully.


Is there anything else I can do to try to kick this back into life?


Fingers crossed,



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