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Spider v60 mk2 noise problem

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Hello! I'm Arthur and I just bought myself Spider v60 mk2 and It's good I like it but there is a big problem with it. I'm not sure what is the problem but I have this noise problem and I can not play like this.

Everytime when I start to play i can hear like static or some noise coming out of the amp and I do not know is this common thing or something is broken. My guitar has two p90-s (saying this just incase)

Everytime when i turn up my volume it starts to scream louder and louder I mean ofc you can still play but it kind of bothers me.When i hear sometimes someone is playing I always ask myself why don't their amp scream or make this noise. Right now im pretty lost and my motivation is all gone. Can somebody please help me!!!

Quick note: When I turn on my fender distortion pedal the amp will scream louder 

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