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identifying a 212 cabniet.


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    Hi everyone, i need a bit of help. Over the last several years I've been fortunate enough to be able to find and buy Line 6 products of my childhood. I've bought Flextone ll,  Spider Ii, HD147 and ifrt gen PODs too. While I know their new products are just as good it more of a nostalgic, me spending time at the local music playing these products when I couldn't afford them. Plus for years I've always believe a HD147/Flextone ll blended it together would give me the perfect metal tone. And the Line 6 gods, the voices have been vindicated and the naysayers shut. While I've could always gone for the 4x12 cabinets,  I've always felt 2x12 are more intimate.  Which brings me to my issue.


   So i know the bottom cabinet is a Line 6 Flextone 212S and it sounds just like my combo FTll without no question. Now for my confusion is the top black 212. 


   Several years ago I was just messing about looking for Line.6 stuff when I stumble upon this cabinet in which was sold and not powered. And it took me around 3 years to fine one and of course where I found it is the worst place on earth, Guitar Center. I'm not bad mouthing them, but every thing I've ever order and bought from has always come to me mangled. And as always GC miss label alot of thing and for that I find and buy a lot of stuff dirt cheap. Now this cabinet was label Flextone 212 cabinet. Thats fine but it wasn't.  So when i put my Flextone ll HD head on it, it sounded nothing like a Flextone. It was like the speakers were under powered and thin. So i swap head and put my HD147 head on, and holy crap it came to life. It sounded like my Spider ll but with alot more body and lollipop; very thicc.  N


   Now I've search online extensively,  I've search on Line 6 support, Line 6 timeline and even called customer service asking for help, and they have no record of the cabinets, meaning that have no way on getting information on the cabinet. The only thing I've come close to finding is, it's a Vetta cabinet, or a stock Line 6 4x12 cabinet but a 2x12. Again i hit a wall cause there's no information on this cabinet. I have yet to pull the speakers and see what they have. I just haven't gotten around but I think its gonna be the only way to solve this riddle. 


   So the question is simple: Has anyone ever seen this cabinet, or ever know what it i? Because from what I've found its like this cabinet doesn't even exist. Thank for any help.


Again thank you




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