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What's wrong with my amp?


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I have the Spider V 30 which I got around 3-4 years ago. It's always worked great but I've recently come into a problem. I don't really know too much about gear or how to fix it which is why I came to this forum.

I haven't been able to play as often as I'd like to. My stuff is in the basement where my brother and his friend rehearse so I immediately thought it was them but he swore he never touched it, because once I went to go turn it on, it sounded NOTHING like usual. I thought it was my distortion pedal, but I take pictures of what my settings look like and it was exactly the same. I then assumed it was my amp because I have no other pedals hooked up. I messed around with it and did the "edit" on the amp, which I put so that it sounded nice on the clean rock/metal channels. Everything was fine. I end up getting an important phone call, and I didn't want to have me accidentally press a string while on the call. All I did was turn down the master volume. As soon as the call was over, I turned the master volume back up and got a COMPLETELY different, muddy sound. I cranked both the regular AND master volume up all the way and it sounded completely off and quiet. I'm wondering what caused the and how to fix it? Is my amp old? Is it an easy fix? Thanks in advance.

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