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Line 6 Bass Pod Pro customization mode headache


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I'm trying to put my Bass Pod Pro into customization mode so I can access the additional (gray) parameters. I followed the instructions in the manual (Chapter 7.4) but to no avail. I can get into customization mode by pressing and holding the SAVE button and then the MANUAL button and the A and B lights start flashing as expected and described in the manual. Yet when I turn any of the knobs there's no change in sound at all and no info other than the patch number in the display. The manual itself is very "cutesy" but doesn't really explore this feature in any meaningful way, at least to me. Aspects I'd like to customize are bass-mid center frequencies, compressor settings and others. I must be doing something wrong but for the life of me I can't figure out what. I've scoured the web for tutorials to no avail. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Just figured it out. You have to go into "cabs and eq" to get to the gray settings. Problem is that there's absolutely no visual reference for any of the settings. So you have to guess. Junk. 

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