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UX8...11 yrs later


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11yrs and the UX8 is still going, however 2 issues...but no easy fix.


One issue is the INstrument inputs, some notice a "surge sound" as a bass note or guitar note decays in volume, there is a "crossover" volume change thats due to a 

capacitor needing replaced. I dont use this so not a big deal to me. This forum mentioned its the capacitors between the low and high level circuit?


Second issue - Its lost one preamp of the 8 qty....# 2 channel lost most its gain, it has slight distortion but very low output.

The other 7 channels work great so ...for 11yrs not bad.


Over 11yrs I put it up against several other interfaces and none were any better and most were not as good in functions such as the Professional Headphone Amp, and the software with the Line 6 with near zero latency is fantastic as good as any other. I do 24/44.1 but 24/48 works great...96k never used. 


Can this UX8 stuff be repaired.... reasonably priced? 


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