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Popping noise Line 6 x2 Digital Wireless System

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I have a Line 6 x2 Digital Wireless System S/N 8001718 (XDT1 and XDR1, the transmitter and receiver) Its an oldie but goodie, works great. One issue it has is, as its on, the 5 blue and one red LED are constantly, Scrolling for lack of better phrase. Depening on which LED is lit, tells you battery left and the channel you are on. As each LED lights then goes off, a pop sound
is constantly sounding off in beat with the LED lighting.
I would think, once you join the xmitter and receiver, these lights would either stay on, or off, which in turn eliminate the constant popping. Is there a setting? Any suggestions?
I'm aware its a "I can't tell you without seeing the unit" however I'm hoping maybe its a common known issue/fix or a setting, perhaps to keep those LED on or off

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