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Vyzex/Pocket POD – some parameters not stored


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Hi all,

I'm trying to program all the sounds I customarily use into the Pocket POD. Since I'm doing a lot of FX layering, I use the combined effects (delay + x) a lot.


When I edit the patches in Vyzex, everything is fine, but when I boot up the Pocket POD by itself, without a Vyzex connection, some parameters are lost and I can't retrieve them on the POD interface alone.


Examples are:

In the (delay + tremolo), (delay + flanger1), (delay + compressor) combinations, the delay feedback is set to zero when there's no Vyzex connection and I only get a single delay repeat. This is useless to me. How do I make delay feedback stick so the patches are initialized that way?


The state of the "On" switch in the "Wah pedal" section is not saved in the patches. So if I program a fixed-wah lead sound, the next time I call it up, the wah effect will be gone. How can this be remedied so every patch keeps its assigned wah state?


Kind regards,



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