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Extremely Low Output From Hd500x,please Help!


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Hello all, hoping someone can help. I am trying to figure out my new board today. I've plugged the hd500x in with both XLRs, mace sure master volume was cranked and it was set to "line."


I had to turn everything up on my powered peavey PA head (into a full range sp2) so I could still barely hear it.


So in my research, I kept seeing the xlr was "mic level." My DI on my old vetta 2 was able to have the volume adjusted.


Anyway, I have now plugged in a 1/4 cable, and everything is STILL dimmed and I can still barely hear it.


I had to set both the PA head and the 500x on PAD to avoid a horrible, clipping, fuzz sound.


Please help!

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