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A little something I want to share with the folks at Line 6 and fans of the Helix family.

   A few years back a very good friend if mine convinced me to purchase a Helix floor and after hearing it at his home and seeing what it could do, the endless array of patches and routing I was sold.

Once I saved and purchased my Helix floor we started trading patches and sharing great amp sound along with everything under the hood that Line 6 had to offer. For a couple of OG's as they say nowadays ,we were having a blast. He played a few shows out with his and I was the direct to interface junkie having a blast in my own world. We were always chasing tone.

   Back in May of 2020 my good friend took his own life, I was crushed and lost for some time as anyone else would be if they were in this situation, you just never know what even the closest of friends are really thinking. 


So why would I write this now, let me tell you.

This last update to 3.50 would have been the ultimate for him, it was what we always spoke about meaning the cab engine along with all the extras, when I saw this I was ecstatic.

I just want say how thankful I am that he talked me into purchasing a timeless piece of gear, along with his Blackstar amp which I now possess, his memory will forever be with me as Line 6 keeps cranking out one awesome update after another.


Thank you to the Team at Line 6.





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