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Pod XT pro screen freezing


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So I recently bought a used pod XT pro, I've had several POD rack units and I prefer the older one which is why I decided to go with it. 

I use it for playing with my band, rehearsal live etc. 


When I bought it I factory restored it as well as added all the extensions and new sims since everything is free for these old ones now. 


I started to mess around with it and realized that when I would attempt to modify tones the screen would get stuck/frozen on whatever I was working on. 


So basically when I try to edit the settings the buttons near the screen stop working and whatever I was trying to modify will stay on the screen. Sometimes it will freeze on the preset, other times it will freeze on the stomp/comp/effect whatever. If I back out of the channel and switch banks or to a different tone it will start working again then either freeze or work for awhile before it does the same thing


I've managed to get some tones out of it when I first got it so I've been able to use it. However, my band has been making a lot of progress recently and I feel like now is the time to dig in and setup a few tones that I can actually use for playing live. 


This units exterior is in fantastic condition and I haven't taken it apart or messed with it at all yet. 


I didn't have this issue with my other Pod XT pro so I'm wondering if this is a common issue that can be resolved easily or if something is going on internally with the unit. I went ahead and bought the FFBV as well since it is compatible with my Spider Valve which is also having issues right now or I'd just switch. 


It's just super strange because when I do switch channels there's no issue for awhile...


Any ideas? Has anyone had this issue? No warranty since it's so old and I'm definitely not the original owner. I don't want to buy another unit because I'll probably end up switching to another brand and I'm pretty loyal to Line 6's older models. 

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