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Block order when using Main Out and Amp Out


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My plan for live use with my POD Go was to run Main Out in stereo, then use Amp Out (set up for Pre-Cab/IR) to my amp for stage volume.

The way POD Go came configured was having the cab block in the middle of the chain. Any stereo effects need to come after the cab block for them to not be summed to mono; at least, that’s my understanding. That being said, all of my presets have blocks after the cab.

So I hooked up to the effects loop of my amp, and I realized that “Pre-Cab/IR” means that all blocks after the cab block are ignored - it does NOT mean that JUST the cab is taken out.

No problem - just move the cab block to the end, right? Well, that creates a problem with not only the stereo effects but also the fact that some effects just sound better after the cab.

I have to assume that others have experienced this. How did you handle it? I can either get it sounding good through the amp or the other the Main Out - but not both.


The ONLY reason I was considering running stereo to FOH was because I'm using the new ADT block, with each deck panned to 90% L/R. Sounds amazing through headphones, and since we will be using IEM's live that will make a big difference; if it sounds great you tend to perform better.

Playing around with it last night, I got the amp sounding great by moving the cab block to the end of the chain - then it sounded terrible through my IEM's out of the PHONES jack (I'm going off the assumption that what I'm getting out of the PHONES jack is what would be coming out in stereo from the Main Out L/R).

Worst case is that I get the amp sounding the best, then just mic it. I just would lose the stereo panning in the IEM's though, which would kind of suck.

Maybe I'm running into an issue where an upgrade to Helix LT would be the true answer?

What am I missing?

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