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Can't get decent sound. Ready to give up!

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We have two XD-V75L sets we purchased last year to record the audio for recorded video podcasts. We've done about 6 podcasts with them, but we are really unhappy with the results we are getting. Maybe someone can offer a suggestion...what are we missing?


The signal from the receivers are fed through a mixer and then into a digital audio recorder. I have gone through every setting on the transmitters and receivers, but no matter what configuration I select, I get a very weak, tinny sound, and the mics are super sensitive to the slightest change of head angle or the loudness of the person speaking. I have also tried bypassing the mixer and going directly into the recorder. I have switched between using the receivers' balanced and unbalanced outputs. No difference.


The lapel mics are placed at about the center of the breastbone. I get all kinds of plosives. I get massive distortion if the speaker tilts his head down ever so slightly, and they become barely audible if the head is tilted left or right by more than an inch. If I don't have the receivers' dynamic filter set to "Talk", I get all kinds of ambient hissing and humming noise...noise that the human ear cannot hear in the room, but the mics pick it up.


I am about ready to give up on these wireless systems. These replaced a couple of less expensive Shure sets that we bought at least 10 years ago. We expected an improvement in the audio quality, but we are experiencing the opposite. We prefer using lavalier mics for aesthetics, but will switch to Shure SM7Bs if we cannot resolve these issues.


If anyone has any ideas for something we may not have tried, I'd really appreciate it.




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