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HX Patches - 10 Sounds for 5 Pounds


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I'm Jack and I'm a session guitarist from the UK. Over the Christmas period I decided to put together some HX Stomp presets for guitarists who are in need of some sounds to get them going or if they simply don't have the time to put some stuff together. I play for a number of artists including Abby Roberts, Arthur Hill and Devan (Wild Rivers) and use all of these presets on stage and in the studio. I have also for good measure thrown in some sounds based on SRV, John Mayer and Robben Ford.


Here's the example video and I'll do an individual patch video to go with it soon: 




Most are to be used with external pedals like overdrives or expression pedals but if you want to use them as a 'in-the-box' rig then just turn off the FX Loop block. Let me know what you think!




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