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HX Stomp to Mixer, distorted


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I have a Helix LT and am testing out a HX Stomp for portability.  This isn't really specific to HX Stomp, and applies to Helix more broadly.


I'm normally plugged into a Powercab 112+; sounds great.  This is with the output being set to Line level.


I went to an open mic last night with practically zero opportunity for sound check. Instead of a clean tone, it had a bit of distortion.


The place is mostly an acoustic venue, and I don't think they were really familiar with amp modelers. But they are super cool, and we talked in advance about how to set it up.  They had a Radial J48 on stage.  I removed the J48 from the signal chain, going from the HX Stomp to the upstream cable (the female XLR that had been plugged into the J48).  Again, still set at line-level.


Now, I suspect that upstream from this (at the desk), they were really expecting an instrument level signal, not line-level.  


Would that be the cause?  It seems obvious to me now, but I didn't have the chance to diagnose but I'd like to learn from it to avoid it in the future.


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