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Firehawk 1500 verses the Powercab Plus in a live gig situation.


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 I own 2 112 Plus Powercabs.  I also have a James Tyler 89F Variax which I really love.  Even though I've dialed in great presets in my studio on my Helix, many of those don't work in a live band environment as well and in many venues those patches get lost in the mix, if I'm not going thru a PA.  PowerCabs do have that amp in the room feel, which I do prefer over strictly FRFR monitors. is there any advantage to invest in a Firehawk 1500 and the FBV3 foot controller that would resolve my live sound issue?  What I would love to see is a tube amp version of the PowerCab.  This would give me the best of both worlds, to have that tube sound option.  Thanks so much!

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