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I Want A Divorce!

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That's right!! I am currently using an HD500 and have been using it live for the past year.  I have had it for over two years and slightly over a year ago I started playing a solo acoustic act (and singing.)  My show is heavy on effects, particularly delay and reverb, and honestly, for the money, few do those effects better than Line6.  I currently play a Line6 Variax 700 Acoustic, and a Taylor 416ce.  My current goal is lightening my board, which consists of an HD500, a TC Helicon GT-X Harmonizer and one of those new Yamaha Micro Mixers.  The HD500 is a real estate hog.  I am not getting rid of it, I am just tired of lugging it around.  My wish is that Line6 made a small effects interface pedal with a Variax jack.  I have also considered getting another nice acoustic and leaving the Variax at home.  Just to be clear, I am not getting rid of Line6, I just plan to be sleeping around on them until they show us acoustic players some love. 

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Good decision, for acoustic and vocals TC is a far better choice in effects and products..

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