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Idea Of A New Device

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I am thinking of building my own device to be able to use this amp on stage. It does not have a name yet, but let's call it LiveFi for the moment.

The idea is that a generic floorboard is connected to it, via midi, and this sends program/control changes to the LiveFi device. In here, a list of prepared presets is loaded which can thus be recalled via the program change. Using a 'manual' mode, the various parts of the amp (stomp, amp model, delay, modulation, volume, drive, etc..) can be controlled with the controller in 'stompbox' mode.

So, a preset will be a series of settings, sent to the amp. When the message format is known, it can use a bluetooth connection, or via the USB port if that is implemented later (what else should it be used for than creating and recalling presets, of course). 


I think this is very feasible to build it with a low-cost microcontroller, some additional hardware and a touch screen connected to it. It should be a small box, which could be mounted on a mic stand, for instance. 


Any thoughts/ideas on what functions it should hold?





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