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Sound Challenge - POD HD

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I was on the verge of selling my POD HD 500X as I don't use the amp modelling and effectively just use it as a multi-fx.

I was going to buy a few pedals and decided why not see if the Line6 community can emulate some of the pedals I was considering just in case I am missing the tricks these great machines (POD) can do!


So who wants to have a go at trying to emulate some of the sounds Shnobel gets from the Flashback and Hall of Fame?


I know these units need time spent on them and I am willing to build sounds from scratch (and have!) but I think some smarter users of the POD can show me something I may be missing.


I also held off selling as I have not tried the 4CM yet and have been advised that can change the sound too. I am using a Peavey 6505+ combo too.


Hopefully this will be approved by the moderators!


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