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AMPLIFI - Potential Niche with Improved I/O

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I think much of the discussion about the failings of AMPLIFI for gig usage centers on its inappropriate interface for a guitarist in any live situation. While Line 6 promotes home practice use, it is only a few key features away from having something useful for live use:

- Add the ability to store and readily access an acceptable number of presets without resorting to an iPad connection

- Add XLR/1/4 inch stereo line ins

- Add XLR/1/4 inch L/R line out jacks for PA connection

- Add tilt-back capability

- Add feedback control for PA use

That said, the concept of an amplifier that combines a good guitar amp speaker with a stereo FRFR for modeled sounds, synths and vocals is a niche that hasn't been realized, despite the significant number of years Axe-Fx's and Pods have been around. Line 6 Stage Source PA speakers (which our band uses) are sensational, but for smaller guitar-vocal gigs, a guitar-amp/PA-in-a-box with enhanced guitar capability is all that is necessary.  The AMPLIFI extends Stage Source FRFR sound quality, adds guitar-specific features, and puts it into a one-box form. It will never be the best choice for the guitar-only player set on the feel and sound of tube amplification, and Line 6 doesn't want to cut into its own guitar amp business with AMPLIFI.  However, as a mini-PA that's more acceptable to any singer-guitarist or synth guitarist, it is unique.  My AMPLIFI 150 acoustic guitar and vocals sound even richer than my Roland or Fishman acoustic amps, which are very good.  Plus, the AMPLIFI adds greater electric guitar tone versatility and a better experience than those acoustic amps. However, because of the limited 1/8 inch Aux input, I must split the guitar signal -- one to the AMPLIFI guitar input; the second to my VoiceLive box into the AMPLIFI Aux stereo input for the other guitar sounds (acoustic guitar and synth pads) and vocals.  IMO, within this niche and without cannibalizing its guitar amp or PA business, AMPLIFI is useful, but mixer-like I/O capability is a prerequisite to greater market acceptability.  





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