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Food for Thoughts: A Line 6 In-ear system?

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The idea went through my mind when looking for a correct In-Ear system that won't cost me an arm or a leg (or both). Being overly satisfied with my G30 Wireless System, my POD X3 Pro and all my past line 6 products, I was wondering when will Line 6 create/produce/invest in a "for the masses" in-ear monitoring System?


I mean, think about it: with the Stagescape in play and all the excellent PAs that came out labeled Lince 6, which made our life easier when playing onstage and off stage, it would be time to think about a compatible in-ear System, that could also be integrated fully in the Stagescape next version!


As for the separate In-ear, imagine something as simple as the G30, but for your personal monitoring needs?


Food for thoughts :-)

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