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Hi there. At my gig tonight, my amp decided to start making this awful loud, buzzing noise. This amp is my second Flextone. The first one I had was a Flextone Plus and the same thing happened to that amp that is now happening to my current amp. That's the reason I bought my current Flextone; that awful buzzing noise. I kept that first amp and have it and the floor board in storage in case I needed parts for some reason.


Anyway, I had that first amp for about 7 years and now this Flextone II Plus since then. This amp has, in my opinion, the best sound of any amp. I use mainly the amp model based on the Soldano x88r pre-amp. I then tweak it with the other built in toys and many, many people have been blown away by my sound. And I'm talking about famous musicians that I have gigged with over the years. They can't believe the sound I can get from that amp. i also run a Rockman Stereo Chorus through the effects loop and I get sustain for days. So, I am desperate to get this amp fixed as I know Line 6 no longer puts that Soldano pre-amp in the newer amps. WHY IS THAT?? IT RAWKS!!


Anyway, any suggestions as to what the problem may be that is causing this awesome amp to start making that awful noise? Please someone answer! I am desperate to get it fixed! Thanks!

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