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User channels gone


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I just purchased a used Bass Pod XT Live and discovered that although there are 15 banks of presets there are only 3 empty User channels(and a Caibration channel). Channels 1a to 16d and that's it.

So instead of 128 channels there are only 64 - exactly half.

I love the presets but really miss not being able to fill my own settings.

Is it possible to re-create these channels (it's the channels themselves. They weren't there to fill up, so I haven't lost any settings - i'd just like the opportunity to create).


Please help.

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The Bass Pods never had 128 memory locations as far as I remember. Maybe you're thinking of the guitar Pods that did have a number of firmware updates that increased locations.


You'll have to overwrite some of the presets to store your own patches. All 64 locations can be overwritten. Certainly the manual only shows 1A to 16D.

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Thanks, you're right. I did think this might be the case but I was sure that in the Bass Pod XT Live manual said - or implied - there were another 64 channels for own patches. However, I can't seem to find where i read this! Ha!


Thanks for putting me straight. 

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