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Turned off cab modelling

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So after playing quite a few gigs using FRFR and my HD500 and being happy with the tones for the cover gigs I do I decided to turn off the cab models in some of my most used patches and run the HD500 into the effect loop of some of my tube amps.I got some coffee going and braced myself for the arduous task of disabling the mic/cab modelling in each preset anticipating that it would be a giant p.i.t.a. like it is on my Boss GT10 and my (2) Roland GR55s.Much to my surprise turning of the cab modelling in each of the 8 patches I had chosen was ridiculously easy involving a couple of simple-logical button presses on the front panel.I did not need to use the computer software to do this. Before half the coffee in my cup was gone I was auditioning patch after patch through my JCM800 combo and several other tube amp/cabs and the sounds were glorious! I wont say they were better but for a lot of what I am doing now gigging wise a tube amp /HD500 combo will be more appropriate. I am just really digging the HD500 unit a lot.I play a lot more and tweak it a lot less than any other unit I have ever used and I have used many.  If you have a tube amp with an effect return I highly recommend you try this method.Much easier than the 4 cable.You only need two!

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