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Spider III 120W Combo Acting Up

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I have had this amp for years with zero issues.  Probably the last time I played on it was almost a year ago.  I moved and it was transported lovingly, so I don't suspect anything was damaged that way.  Here are my recent experiences from trying to play through it for the first time in awhile.


First time I plugged in my guitar, there was nothing.  Zero sound.  I ruled out the cable and guitar being the problem, ended up playing on another amp I have, then decided to try the Spider again.  This time I could hear the guitar normally, except about every 3-6 seconds there was a really loud "POP" sound that seemed to be the same volume regardless of the actual amp output volume.  I believe i continued to hear this even with the guitar unplugged.  Called Line 6 Support and they said to try a few things, including a factory reset, trying the headphone jack and then possibly taking the "amp" out of the speaker box to examine the input jack.  Today I started to try these things and instead of popping or anything else, there is just a horrible squealing sound that, again, is loud regardless of amp output volume.  The squealing came through both the speakers and the headphones and even occurred without a guitar plugged in.


I'm guessing there is a problem with the board or other "intelligent" part.  Has anyone experienced this?  I saw one guy post something similar about his 75W amp and someone suggested that replacing the board for $90-$100 fixed the issue.


Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.



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