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I just got an XTLive used from a local guitar shop.


I can set up tones and make it sound decent.  I save the patches and try switching back and forth between patches to make sure they are correct.   But when I do, the tone I save loses all gain.  its like im playing through a clean amp, and thegain does not increase with the gain knob.


For example: I set up a patch(1a) with the "criminal" amp.  lots of gain. First i save it, then i switch to a clean patch (1b), then back to the "criminal"(1a).  No gain anymore, just a loud clean tone.  the patch is saved because its' still labeled as the "criminal" amp.  but there is NO gain anymore.  then ill switch to (1c) "treadplate" and back to (1a) "criminal" and my distortion comes back.



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