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Can't Adjust Delay Length Using Tap(hold) And Effects Tweak

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Hi all.


I finally try to get used to adjust FX parameters using the Pod 2.0 HW controls but do still have Edit running on my laptop for visual control of my changes. Using the FX Tweak as well as Tap (hold) + Mid or Bass works perfectly fine for me to control the corresponding parameters of the Delay. I can see the changes in Edit almost in realtime. Tap tempo also works fine to change the delay length alhought I only see the parameter changes with a significant delay in Edit. The only thing that doesn't work for me is changing the delay length using Tap (hold) and FX Tweak as described in the Pod manual. I tried to search the forum for this issue but no luck. Maybe I'm just making a stupid mistake here!?


THx for any kind of feedback    Stefan


P.S. I'm running Win XP Professional on the laptop. Edit and the Pod are on the latest versions.

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