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Changing the Input Gain in Reaper with a Pod Studio UX1/2


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Hi all.  heres something I came up against recently.  I was recording guitar using some LePou plugins.  What I found was that because my guitars tend to have active pickups, the signal is quite hot.  I found that just the clean signal was too loud and clipping.


The only bit of advice I found to resolve this was to use the guitar volume knob, but for any high gain sounds, you will know as well as I do that you dont WANT to turn it down.


The solution is to change the input gain of the interface, but there isnt an input gain on the instrument input of the UX2


In Reaper, you can change the volume, but this doesnt effect the input volume... However, Reaper does have a "Track Input FX Chain" which works before the signal reaches the track, so you can... sort of... change the input gain.  I use an instance of Pod Farm with an empty patch and adjust the input gain via the "input" knob at the top of the pod farm plugin.


Problem solved.  its a work around, but it seems to work OK.  you can remove the plugin after recording if you want to save memory, but remember that this is the input chain, not the post fx chain that normally displays (where you will have your plugins)


Hope this helps someone



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