Record the richest, juiciest tones with Dual Tone!

Dual Tones are dual amp and effect signal chains that can be played simultaneously or one at a time. Up to 10 FX models can be added per chain, in any order, and placed before or after your amp and cab models. You can even use post-cabinet mic preamps to add additional color to your tone!

Pan the signal chains hard left and right for an incredible stereo experience, and control the whole thing using the new virtual A/B/Y box.

Don't know where to start? Dual Tone presets provide a wide variety of tones from colorful, big-bodied cleans to scorching, white-hot distortions.

Whether you're looking for dirty blues tones inspired by Billy Gibbons, an ear-splitting crunch similar to that of J. Mascis, or the tones of any guitarist whose best friend is an A/B/Y box, you need POD Farm™ 2.5.

POD Farm Software Dual Tone

POD Farm Software Dual Tone