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Standard Warranty

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Important Warranty Information!

Please be aware that your Line 6 product’s warranty is only valid in the region where you purchased your unit. For instance, if you live in Brazil, but buy your unit from a U.S.-based retailer, then you must have warranty repairs performed in the U.S., even if you must ship it there. Otherwise, you’d have to pay to have it repaired closer to home. Prices for parts and repairs are set by the independent service center, and they reserve the right to choose what they repair.

If you live outside the U.S., you should be interacting with the distributor for the country/territory that you live in when it comes to sales and repairs. The distributor for your country/territory sets the warranty period and its rules according to local law. It is for this reason that Line 6 strongly recommends that you always buy your unit locally. Distributors can be found at http://line6.com/find/distributor/.

You will need to present your original, dated proof of purchase to have any warranty work performed at any Line 6 Authorized Service Center for repair.

More warranty details can be found at https://line6.com/warranty/.

International customers: Please see the International Service section below.


If your Line 6 product needs to be serviced, you have the following options:

  1. Contact an Authorized Service Center in your area.
  2. Send your product to the Line 6 Service Center in Calabasas, CA.

  • NOTE: Amplifiers and cabinets are not eligible to be repaired in Calabasas. Such repairs are handled by Authorized Service Centers.

To find an Authorized Line 6 Service Center in your area, use our Service Center Locator

Please note: There may be instances where the Authorized Service Center cannot service your product. In those cases the Line 6 Service Center may be your only option. Please contact your local Authorized Service Center to determine if they can meet your service needs.

Please note: Local Authorized Service Centers set their own rates and policies. Please contact the Authorized Service Center(s) of your choice directly for information.

If you decide to send your Line 6 product to the Line 6 Service Center, please open a Support Ticket to obtain return authorization (RMA) number. Once the Line 6 Service Center receives your product, a technician will inspect it, and you will be contacted via the Support Ticket with a repair estimate.

Repair estimates must be responded to within two business days. Support Tickets with no response after two business days will owe the standard $45 bench fee, and will have their items returned unrepaired.

Once the repair has been completed, your Support Ticket will be updated, and you will be contacted to collect payment. Payments can only be made via credit card. Once payment has cleared, your item will be shipped back to you on the next business day via UPS Ground (expedited shipping not available).

Current Line 6 Service Center Pricing:

  • Hourly bench rate: $90.00, based on 15-minute increments
  • Minimum bench fee: $45.00. This amount will apply if we diagnose the unit and it is found to be working properly, or if you do not wish to proceed with the recommended repairs.
  • Abandoned Repairs: Bench fees not paid for or repairs not picked up within 45 (forty five) days from the date of job completion notification will be disposed of at YGG’s discretion to recover the cost of the repairs or bench fees.

Q: My Line 6 device is malfunctioning. Where can I get it fixed?
A: Please check your product Manuals and our Knowledge Base to ensure that your unit is truly malfunctioning before requesting service. Also be sure to register your Line 6 gear to your account. A dated proof of purchase is required if you are having any warranty work performed. Please be aware that "expedited" and "rush" fees will not be covered under warranty for any reason.

***Please note: Repair time can vary from weeks to months depending on the kind of repair and the availability of replacement parts.

United States:
You can have your unit repaired at any one of the Line 6 Authorized Service Centers across the United States.

  • Authorized service centers can repair products that are both under warranty and out-of-warranty.
  • Prices for parts and repairs are set by the independent service center.

You can also have your unit repaired by Line 6 via an RMA (see “OBTAINING AN RMA FROM LINE 6” section below).

Non-U.S. Countries:
Please contact your distributor line6.com/find/distributor/.

Q: How much is it going to cost to get my Line 6 device fixed?
A: Line 6 is unable to provide estimates on behalf of our service centers, as the service centers are independent businesses that establish their own repair rates and parts pricing. For non-warranty repairs made by Line 6, shipping costs, labor fees (currently $90/hr.) and parts costs associated with your repair will vary and affect the total cost, depending on the repair. With a validated warranty, Line 6 will pick up the cost of the repair and return shipping only.

Q: Is there a warranty on repairs made by YGG or its Authorized Service Centers?
A: There is a 90-day warranty on repairs made by YGG or its Authorized Service Centers.

Q: Where can I purchase parts for my Line 6 device?
A: Line 6 provides a number of replacement parts through our Online Store. If you are unable to find the part you need on the store, you may contact one of our Service Centers or Dealers to special order some parts. Another good source is www.FullCompass.com. Some parts, such as circuit boards and PCBA assemblies, are not sold to the public. Please keep in mind that parts sales are at the service center’s or dealer’s discretion. Line 6 does not sell parts directly to the public.

Q: Can I fix or modify my Line 6 device myself? Can I get repair assistance from Line 6?
A: If your Line 6 product needs repair, we strongly suggest you contact the nearest authorized service center or distributor in your region. For safety and liability reasons, Line 6 does not supply customers with repair assistance. Line 6 does not offer repair assistance, circuit diagrams, blueprints or schematics to end users. Line 6 does not support the customization or modification of Line 6 products, outside of official firmware updates or hardware upgrades. Any attempt to modify or self-repair your unit will void your warranty.

Q: I’m not sure if my unit is under warranty, how do I find out?
A: Please refer to our Product Warranty web page for all warranty information.

Q: Is there a way that I can determine the date of manufacturing of a Line 6 device by the serial number?
A: All serial number information is for internal use only and is not made public.

Q: What is the warranty on my Line 6 product?
A: Please be aware that your warranty is only valid in the region of purchase. For example, if you buy your unit from a retailer in the U.S., you can only get warranty service for it by sending it to a service center in the U.S.. Otherwise, getting it repaired locally will be treated as a non-warranty repair and you will be charged accordingly by the repair center you take it to, if they decide to work on it.

Warranty coverage varies by product and by country (depending on local legislation), so please see our Product Warranty web page for more details.

Q: How do I get my Line 6 gear serviced outside of the U.S.?
A: Line 6 has partnered with a worldwide chain of independent Service Centers and Distributors that can assist you with your repair. If you cannot find one in your country, you will need to find one outside of your country and contact them to find if you can ship them your unit. Because of our agreements with these distributors and service centers, you cannot send your unit directly to Line 6 U.S. for repair unless it was purchased in the U.S.

Q: How do I get parts and accessories for my Line 6 gear?
A: Certain parts may be ordered through an Authorized Service Center or Distributor. Some parts such as circuit boards and PCBA assemblies are not sold to the public. Please keep in mind that parts sales are at the service center’s or distributor’s discretion.

Q: I’m having a problem with a repair center, who can I contact?
A: We recommend that you contact your regional distributor to resolve the issue.

Q: Do I need a RMA number (Return Material Authorization)?
A: Yes. Line 6 requires that all end users, dealers and service centers have a valid RMA attached to all products shipped to the Line 6 Service Department. We are not responsible for units sent in without an RMA number. Units will be returned to sender if sent without an RMA.

Q: How do I contact Line 6 in the U.S.?
A: You can call us at 818-575-3600 8am – 12pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays, to request an RMA. You may also contact us with a Support Ticket. You must be signed in and have your unit registered to your Line 6 account before contacting us.

Q: What information will I need to provide when contacting Line 6 for an RMA?

  • Have the unit registered to your Line 6 account. Don’t have an account? Create one here.
  • Ensure your full name, shipping address, email address and phone numbers are updated on your Line 6 account.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the unit's failure or defect.
  • Provide Line 6 with a copy of your purchase receipt.

Q: How do I get my unit to Line 6?
A: After you are issued your RMA number by an authorized Line 6 service representative, package the unit and all the components that came with it in a box with adequate packing material to insulate it from possible freight damage. Line 6 is NOT RESPONSIBLE for freight damage due to insufficient packaging. User is 100% responsible to protect their gear in transit. We suggest you use a trackable, insured method of shipping, such as FedEx, UPS or USPS. Send it to:

26580 Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
RMA # [FILL IN YOUR RMA number or the package will be returned]

Q: Who pays for the freight?
A: Non-warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to and from the factory.
Warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to the factory. Line 6 will cover the return freight via either FedEx ground or UPS ground. The shipping time is 5-7 days (not including processing time).

Q: How do I get an estimate on the repair cost?
A: Estimates cannot be given until we have the unit in hand. For non-warranty work, you will need to provide a credit card and contact information for an estimate to be sent to you once we have the unit.

Q: How long will it take to complete the repair?
A: Repair time varies based on the backlog of repairs, but we strive to provide a three-week turnaround (not including shipping time). If we determine that your unit needs to be replaced, the turnaround time should be a bit shorter.

Q: What if I don’t live in the U.S.?
A: Please see the International section above.