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Title Genre Difficulty

Getting the Bends, Part Five - In the Court of the Kings, Part Two

Lesson Intermediate

The art and techniques of string bending haven’t been the same since the Kings began their reign. In this episode we’ll look at the essential contributions of Albert King.

Getting the Bends, Part One

Lesson Beginner

String bending is arguably the most pervasive, expressive and unifying element in guitar playing. String bending is also one of the most important, idiomatic and useful tools in the player’s tool box.

Getting the Bends, Part Three

Blues Intermediate

String bending is essential to the language of blues guitar.

Getting the Bends, Part Two

Lesson Intermediate

In this episode of Essential Guitar we’ll be exploring string bends and scales in their most essential melodic form.

GIANT STEPS, Part One: Intro and Basics

Jazz Intermediate

“Giant Steps” is an appropriately titled piece of music that will make your guitar sing like a saxophone and your fingers travel to new destinations . Here’s your personal invitation and ticket to hop aboard the Coltrane.

GIANT STEPS, Part Two: Them Changes

Jazz Intermediate

All aboard! Let’s hop back on the Coltrane to continue our guided tour through the basic changes of “Giant Steps.” Next stop the B section.

GIANT STEPS: Basic Trane-ing - Patternizing, Part One

Lesson Beginner

After two stops in our pursuit of the Coltrane we’re ready to get into the meat of the saxophonist’s playing and place those interesting horn lines onto the guitar. All aboard.

GIANT STEPS: Basic Trane-ing: Patternizing in the Real World

Lesson Intermediate

Next stop: Coltraneville. At this departure in our Trane trip we’ll put those tricky, hard blowing sax lines to work on the fretboard.

GIANT STEPS: Basic Trane-ing: Patternizing in the Real World continued

Lesson Intermediate

Ah, the joy of sax…On this stop in our trip through Trane Town you can expect to pick up some pretty intriguing sonic souvenirs. Get ready to add some real John Coltrane sax melodies to your bag of guitar tricks.

Guide Tones, Part 1

Lesson Intermediate

Get the inside scoop on guide tones and the guidance they provide for the savvy guitarist. Exponents have included Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Start your guided tour here.

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