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Title Genre Difficulty

Guide Tones, Part 2

Lesson Beginner

Get the “Guide Tone Blues” in this installment. Plug into part two of our guided tour.

Guide Tones, Part 3

Lesson Intermediate

Get more of the “Guide Tone Blues” in this episode. And learn how to use chord inversion to double your guide-tone blues power.

Guide Tones, Part 4

Lesson Intermediate

This episode offers a work out in guide tones guaranteed to build your chord power and provide new dimensions in the blues. Plug in here to spice up your guide-tone experience and strengthen your blues-jazz connection.

Guide Tones, Part 5

Lesson Intermediate

Tap into Wes Montgomery’s mojo with this guide-tone tour through the blues. Our latest installment features some slippery twists and turns guaranteed to stretch your ears and transport you to the “Wes coast.”

Guide Tones, Part 6

Blues Intermediate

How do guide tones and lead licks work together? The answer is: Well. To demonstrate let’s put the sounds together into action with some examples from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Charlie Christian.

Guide Tones, Part 7

Blues Intermediate

It’s back to the blues for one more look at the guide-tone phenomenon. In this episode you can think like Oscar Peterson or B.B. King’s horn section on the guitar—and it comes down to those useful and ubiquitous two-note chords.

Guitar and the Fine Art of Practicing: Part 1

Lesson Intermediate

We’ve all heard the maxim “Practice Makes Perfect.” Well, perfect practice makes the perfect more so. The art of practicing is beyond essential and should be part of your everyday schedule as a serious player.

Guitar and the Fine Art of Practicing: Part 2

Blues Intermediate

In this episode we’ll introduce some essential guidelines and fine-tune the perfect practice scenario with some time well spent in the woodshed with a challenging blues riff.

Guitar and the Fine Art of Practicing: Part 3

Lesson Intermediate

There comes a point in our playing lives where we all pick up on essential material from an alternate instrumentalist. In any case the practice mindset remains the same. Enter the woodshed and get ready to dig into some bebop.

Harmonics: Melody

Lesson Intermediate

Harmonics are as old as ancient Greece and as new as tomorrow’s pop sounds. They are one essential element of the guitar that spans all musical genres and crosses all stylistic boundaries.

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