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Title Genre Difficulty

Understanding (and Using) Suspensions, Part Two

Classic Rock Intermediate

Modern applications, dissonance and open chord sounds a la the Police, Night Ranger and Rush gave the age-old suspended chord a new lease on life in the rock era.

Unique Chords of the Diminished Scale II

Jazz Intermediate

As we push further into exotic musical territory we find the diminished scale and its related chords yield some very exotic arpeggio sounds. Log on and tap into the sounds of modernists like guitarists Larry Carlton John Scofield and Mike Stern as well as trumpeter Miles Davis and saxophonists Wayne Shorter.

Unique Chords of the Diminished Scale: Triads, Polytonality and Symmetry

Jazz Intermediate

The diminished scale has lent unique chord colors and melodies to artistic Larry Carlton, Joe Pass, Robben Ford, Johnny Smith, George Benson, Pat Martino and many more. Part one of a special mini-series.

Wolf Marshall Essential Guitar #6

Blues Intermediate

Wolf is back again this week with the sixth installment of his Essential Guitar series. Check this one out and learn something new!

Wolf Marshall Essential Guitar #7

Classic Rock Intermediate

Exploration of maneuvers in and out of the five chord shapes of the CAGED System.

Wolf Marshall Essential Guitar #8

Classic Rock Intermediate

In this installment of Essential Guitar you’ll learn the final two shapes of the CAGED System (in A), the G shape and the E shape.

Wolf Marshall Essential Guitar #9

Classic Rock Intermediate

What if we could combine three adjacent or successive shapes on the fingerboard in one swoop?

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