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Title Genre Difficulty

Break Out of The Box!

Lesson Intermediate

Pentatonic Quintet, Part Six

Break Out of The Box. Again.

Lesson Intermediate

Pentatonic Quintet, Part Five

Choosing Your Guitar Language

Lesson Intermediate

Pentatonic Quintet, Part Eight

Cruisin Chitlins with Kenny, Part 2

Jazz Intermediate

Drop D Funk

Funk / R&B Intermediate

Leo Nocentelli, R&B/funk guitar master of The Meters, brings you this week's fat guitar lick. Nocentelli's groove is based around a drop D tuning. The repeating four-measure pattern works great over a D7#9 or a simple D minor chord.

Drop Tunings

Metal / Shred Intermediate

E augmented

Jazz Intermediate

When you take a major triad and raise the fifth (unlike "raising the roof" or "taking the 5th"…), you get an augmented chord.

E Harmonic Minor Speed Riff

Metal / Shred Advanced

This riff is played with slurs at top speed. This should give you a good idea of the speed you need to work up to in these lessons.

Essential Guitar

Lesson Beginner

Combining Whole Tone and Diminished Scales, Part Two

Essential Guitar - Column 1

Blues Beginner

The CAGED System is a useful method for organizing material on the guitar. It is based on five essential chord forms. Each is named for a specific open chord on the fingerboard: C, A, G, E and D.

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