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Title Genre Difficulty

Getting It, Part 5: Steps to Guitar Mastery via West Coast Blues

Blues Intermediate

Steps to Guitar Mastery via “West Coast Blues”

How to Play Guitar: Chapter 1

Rock Beginner

How To Read GuitarPort Tab

Lesson Beginner

In the Court of the Kings, Part One

Blues Intermediate

When it comes to blues string bending you simply can’t overstate the importance of the undisputed Kings of the mountain, B.B. King and Albert King.

Introduction to Jazz Guitar Part 2: Theory

Jazz Beginner

Major 9

Jazz Intermediate

Minor/Major 9

Jazz Intermediate

Melodic minor scales and chords have many possibilities for substitution. This new Featured Chord is a Bb mi/ma9 used as a C6/11 b9. I am particularly fond of the melodic minor being used in this manner.

Part 1

Blues Intermediate

“All Blues” is a perennial guitar favorite. There are enumerable colorful renditions by jazz players George Benson, Howard Roberts, Pat Martino, Kenny Burrell, Ron Affif, and Jimmy Ponder as well as the fusion take by Larry Carlton and the hard rocking solo vehicle with Steve Lukather.

Prepping for the Gig

Lesson Intermediate

Essential Guitar is not only about notes, licks, chords, scales and techniques. It is also about being a musician. And sooner or later we guitar players are all faced with preparing for a big performance that really stretches our abilities and gives us a much-needed kick in the pants.

Punk Guitar

Punk Intermediate

Anarchy in Cyber-Space! The GPO Punk Rock Special

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