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64-bit native plug-in for any DAW


Rediscover the Legendary Amp Farm Plug-In.

Since its introduction in 1998, the Amp Farm® plug-in has been used to add quintessential guitar tones to countless platinum albums, hit television shows, and major motion picture soundtracks. Once only available to Pro Tools TDM users, the new Amp Farm 4.0 plug-in supports 64-bit AAX, AU, and VST formats, and sample rates of up to 192kHz, making it compatible with virtually any DAW. Pro Tools users will appreciate full backward compatibility and the ability to open old sessions without losing previous sounds or settings.

Select from more than a dozen amp models based on* classic amplifiers by Marshall, Fender, Vox, Mesa/Boogie, Soldano, and more—plus 48 cab models with a choice of four mic setups.

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Take total control of your tone.

Amp Farm 4.0 is fully programmable and automatable, providing powerful control over your tone. Mix and match amps, speakers, and mics for all-new combinations. Want to hear a Marshall Plexi through an 8" speaker? No problem. Need to automate gain, level, and EQ changes on a track? Go right ahead. The Amp Farm plug-in makes it easy to do things that are simply not possible with physical amps. And not just on guitar. It can impart exciting color and character—from subtle tube warmth to extreme distortion—to bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, or complete mixes.

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Timeless tones for all.

Many top producers and engineers actually postponed upgrading from Pro Tools 10 to Pro Tools 11 because they didn’t want to lose Amp Farm. Now, with support for Audio Units, VST, and the Pro Tools AAX plug-in format, Amp Farm works within all popular DAWs—making those legendary sounds available to everyone.

Audio Samples

  • 59 AC30 dry
  • 59 AC30 wet
  • 59 Bassman dry
  • 59 Bassman wet
  • 66 AC30 dry
  • 66 AC30 wet
  • 67 Blackface Twin dry
  • 67 Blackface Twin wet
  • 96 Match Chief dry
  • 96 Match Chief wet
  • 68 Plexi dry
  • 68 Plexi wet
  • 65 JTM45 dry
  • 65 JTM45 wet
  • 86 JCM800 dry
  • 86 JCM800 wet
  • 87 X88R dry
  • 87 X88R wet
  • 89 Soldano dry
  • 89 Soldano wet
  • 94 Trem dry
  • 94 Trem wet
  • 95 Recto dry
  • 95 Recto wet