Alisa Xayalith

The Naked and Famous


Alisa Xayalith is a founding member of The Naked and Famous. The vocalist/keyboardist formed the group with Thom Powers in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand in 2007. After two acclaimed independently released EPs, things turned a corner for the by now five-piece group in 2010 with the release of their alt-pop smash Young Blood. The group arrived at the forefront of the international indie pop scene with the sweltering album Passive Me, Aggressive You riding on the feverish heights reached by singles like Young Blood, Punching In A Dream and Girls Like You.

The band settled permanently in Los Angeles to create the follow-up, 2013’s In Rolling Waves. The sophomore effort cast a darker shadow over their sound, patiently showcasing their unique skill, talent, and scope as artists. The group return in 2016 with latest album, Simple Forms. Another self-produced effort, it features their trademark epic pop with first single Higher another soaring, powerhouse vocal performance from Alisa. Festival favorites and headliners around the world, The Naked and Famous continue to pave a unique path to their career highs with vital new music and proven quality on stage.

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