HX Effects, HX One, DL4 MkII, and M5 Stompbox Modeler displayed on a stage

Line 6 effects processors are designed to be integrated into traditional amp and pedal setups—putting a wide variety of classic and modern effects literally at your feet. From the exceptionally powerful and versatile HX Effects to the ultra-compact HX® One to the workhorse M5® to the instantly iconic DL4 MkII delay and looping pedal—there is a Line 6 effects processor to meet your needs.

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HX Effects

HX Effects

The HX Effects processor was designed to be integrated into traditional amp and pedal setups and may serve as anything from a dedicated multi-effects unit to the command center for an entire rig. Although compact in size, it delivers the same professional-grade sound quality and HX technology found in our market-leading Helix® processors.

HX One

HX One

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Available for pre-order in October, 2023

HX One is an ultra-compact stereo effect pedal that easily fits onto your pedalboard. It gives you easy-to-use controls, 250+ effects taken from HX family processors and selectable one at a time, a unique Flux Controller, a jack for connecting an optional expression pedal or two additional footswitches, adjustable input impedance, and your choice of true or buffered DSP bypass.



The compact DL4 MkII includes all the sounds and functionality of the original DL4, plus 15 new MkII delays, two loopers, a microphone input, MIDI capabilities, and microSD memory expansion.

The M5 effects processor puts a wide variety of classic and modern effects at your feet.

HX Messenger Bag

HX Messenger Bag

A custom-fitted carrying bag specially designed for the HX family of instrument processors.

Line 6 Expression Pedal

EX-1 Expression Pedal

Compatible with all Line 6 effects processors and most other Line 6 products.