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M5 Scene Backup and Loading


M5 Backup Procedure:


With a MIDI interface and a sysex application, you can back up all your
M5 presets to your computer. This makes it easy to build a custom preset
library, or exchange presets with others. To backup your presets, or to
dump the current preset, follow these steps:


1. Turn bottom left PARAMETER KNOB to set your MIDI
Channel (Ch. 1-16 or Omni - the default is Ch. 1).


2. Turn the Model Select knob to select DUMP ALL? (to back
up all 24 presets) or DUMP PRE? (to back up your current


NOTE: There is an error in the M5 Pilot Guide.pdf regarding the following step in the SysEx dump procedures. Please refer to the information here for correct behavior:


3. With your computer set up to record sysex, press and hold ON/OFF while you press down on the MODEL SELECT knob. Repeat this to confirm or press TAP to exit out, if you choose.


4. The M5 will immediately transmit the sysex file to your computer, creating a backup of your Scenes that you can store and recall at any time. To load presets back into your M5, simply transmit the sysex file from your computer into the M5 via MIDI. This will immediately load the data into the M5's memory.


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