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Relay G70/75 End of Life


Q: Is Relay G70/75 still manufactured?

A: No, it is no longer manufactured as of (insert last retailer buy date). Despite this, retailers may still have units in inventory over time.


Q: Why is it no longer manufactured?

A Typically, as with many companies, the decision to end the manufacture of any YGG product is based on one or more of these factors: a lack of market demand,  a planned successor product, or because the parts to manufacture it are no longer available.


Q: What product will replace it?

For a number of reasons vital to our business, we can't comment on future product releases, but follow us on social media or sign up for our email list to receive new product announcements (We can change this message once the replacement product launches/is announced).


Q: Why is it at a lower price?

You may find Relay G70/75 at a lower price at retailers to allow them to clear their inventory of this discontinued product.  


Q: If I buy it, will you honor the warranty?

Yes. The full warranty applies if bought as new from an authorized Line 6 retailer and a receipt copy is furnished. See our Warranty page for details.


Q: In what ways will the discontinued product be supported?

You can find manuals on our Legacy Products page, additional information at our Knowledge Base, tutorial videos on our YouTube Support channel, and our Customer Support team can be reached from our Contact Us page


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