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The GearBox Plug-In License was only available as an Optional/Add-On purchase prior to 2009. After POD Farm Plug-In was launched, we stopped selling the GearBox Plug-In License altogether and it has since been discontinued and is no longer supported. If you purchased an older TonePort DI-Silver, TonePort DI-Gold, TonePort UX8 device then you will still have access to the GearBox Plug-In feature, since this was embedded into the aforementioned devices. POD Studio Devices will not have GearBox Plug-In capabilities, only POD Farm Plug-In.

GearBox Plug-In Discontinuation FAQ

NOTE: For an definition of what an audio Plug-In is, please visit the following articles:

Windows (VST):

Mac OSX (AU):

Q: Can I run a single Plug-In on two different devices at the same time?

A: No. You will need to either transfer the license from unit A to unit B, or purchase separate Gearbox plug-ins for each Line 6 device you want to use the plug-in with.

Q: Why I am hearing a dry guitar signal when I use the plug-in?

A: Your DAW or non-Line 6 hardware may have an "input mute" that will need to be enabled when using the plug-in to avoid hearing the dry input signal.

Q: My Plug-Ins aren't showing up in the recording application?

A: Please keep in mind that some recording applications including Logic and Sonar will have to run a Plug-In scan before you can use your plug-in. You will need to refer to your recording application's user manual to find out where your plug in scan resides in the application.

Q: I am not seeing the tuner as an option when I am using the plug-in?

A: There is no tuner function in gearbox when used as a plug-in. However; the tuner will function normally in a stand-alone application.

Q: Where is the Gearbox Plug-In located?

A: Depending on the host computer's operating system:

  • Windows XP/Vista: C:\Program Files\Line6\PlugIns
  • Mac OSX: MacIntosh HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/Components

Q: How do view the Gearbox Plugin in Garageband?

A: Open Garage band

  • Create a "new track" (the addition icon in the lower left hand corner)
  • Select "basic track", and choose "gearbox" on the right side of the window under "effects".
  • Open the track you have created (it will be titled "track info"). On the bottom left you will see "effects". The gearbox plug in will be found toward the bottom of the dropdown menu. Be sure to enable the effect with the check mark on the left of the menu.
  • On the right side of "manual", select the "edit the effect" (which will have a pencil icon). You will now be able to edit your gearbox plug in.

Q: How do I use Plug-Ins in Cubase 4.01?

A: In Cubase 4.01 Steinberg has implemented version 3.0 VST plug-ins. Since most third party plug-ins (Gearbox included) are in a 2.4 version, the Gearbox plug-ins will be found in the "Earlier VST PlugIns" menu option.

Q: I am operating a Steinberg product (i.e. Cubase, Nuendo) on a Mac, why am I not seeing my Gearbox plugins?

A: Steinberg products only use VST format plug-ins for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Line 6 does not support the use of VST plug ins on the Mac OS at this time.

Q: I am working in Sonar, how do the presets change when moved to FX Bins?

A: In order for your Gearbox Plug-In to not change presets when dragging from one effects field to another, please "Control Drag" by holding down your control button and left clicking, and then holding your mouse and dragging. You'll see that when you do this your presets will no longer change.

Q: My Application freezes or crashes when saving in VST menu?

A: At this time, the Gearbox Plug-In does not support saved VST format "presets". Upon saving and loading a tone or preset, please use the Tone File Menu in the Gearbox plug-in located to the right of the tone "name" window.

Q: How do I use the TonePort DI as dongle with USB Hubs?

A: Line 6 does not support the use of powered USB hubs at this time. When using your TonePort DI as a dongle or input device for your Plug-ins, please connect directly to a USB port on your computer. This will ensure the plug-ins will run smoothly and effectively.

Q: Plug-In hardware connected after saving DAW session?

A: If your plug-ins default to the Clean Guitar Tone preset upon launching a saved DAW session then it is possible you do not have your activated Gearbox Plug-In hardware connected. Please close out of your saved DAW session, connect your activated Gearbox plug- in hardware, and relaunch your saved DAW session. You will now see that your saved Gearbox Plug-In tones will now appear correctly in your session.

Q: If I use my PODxt family device as my "dongle" after downloading the plug-in pack, will I get the Mic Preamp models?

A: The Mic preamp models will be available from within the Gearbox Plug-In when using your PODxt device as a dongle.

Q: Can I control the Gearbox Plug-In with my PODxt or FBV controller?

A: At this time it is not possible to control the Gearbox Plug-In parameters with your PODxt or controller. Some end users have had success by assigning control of a specific effect (i.e. wah or bender) to their effects control in their recording application.

Q: Can I control the GearBox Plug-in via MIDI?

A: The GearBox plug-in does not support the use of MIDI to control its parameters directly at this time. Applications such as Ableton Live can control the plug-in with a MIDI controller, because it can map MIDI controller data to its plug-in parameters. There is no current work around for ProTools since it does not map MIDI controller data to plug-in parameters. We understand the value of this function and are looking forward to implementing it in the future.

Q: How do I remove the Gearbox plug-in from my computer?

A: Depending on the host computer's operating system:

  • XP/Vista: Run the Line 6 Uninstaller & select "All Components": Start/All Programs/Line6/Tools/Line 6 Uninstaller
  • Mac OSX: Please follow the following file path and delete the GearboxAU.component file: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/GearBoxAU.component

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