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  1. That's annoying. I haven't but I will try that. So the SP-1 toe switch can't switch anything? Has to be the L6? Thanks
  2. Or do I need the specific Line 6 one? If I can use the SP-1, how on earth do I make it not go to 0% when the toe is all the way down? And how do I make the toe switch activate the wah/disable the volume? Can anybody help me set it up? Thanks in advance
  3. Strange request I know but necessary for a gig this week. Thanks
  4. A buffered signal is essentially the same as it would see from an active instrument.
  5. Sounds like to me that Aux In has less input signal almost? This is using a wireless, so it's a buffered signal. I was thinking about maybe sticking my wireless into the Aux and having a cable ready to go in the guitar in, just in case, but it seems it changes the tone somewhat?
  6. I'm just wondering how this section of the unit works? I've read that it has something to do with the first pedal in the chain but has anybody got a list of the impedances of each modelled pedal, or some sort of guide when it comes to that? Basically I've noted that when I use my Shure GLXD16 wireless, it's clearly buffered, whereas a cable right in sounds a little more like I'd expect a real pedalboard to sound if it was maybe only buffered at the end? I have it set to auto as it stands. Thanks
  7. Sorry to bump again, just added more information.
  8. So I have my Runt 20 hooked up in 4CM with the HX Effects. From a previous amp I've owned, I have the ground cut int two of the cables at the HX end, and also had to cut it on my channel switch cable too. I just tried a grounded cable there and it hummed like crazy. What is causing the pop when channel switching and how do I prevent it? EDIT: I've now tried every conceivable combination of grounded and ungrounded cables. The only thing that introduces the pop is when the EXT Amp jack is combined with anything else. Alone, no pop. If there is signal in the HX, it pops. Any help amazing.
  9. If I have my HX hooked up in stereo to a pedalboard junction box/interface, but only run into one amp, if I only hear the left side, is that the same as running in mono, or is the mono usually a summed signal? Obviously if you run in mono as per any "normal" setup, say using the FX loop of an amp, and you set run a stereo delay, it sums that, but if you run a mono delay, come out of the HX in stereo, but only use say the left side, is that half a signal or is it sending an equally strong signal down both channels... if that makes sense? Thanks in advance!
  10. Flew with Helix Floor in the backpack a few times. No problems.
  11. Yeah that's how I have it set now, with the final send into the FX return set at -4.0dB. I can't detect any difference with the loop in or out, so I'm guessing that's the way to go! In fact, it sounds amazing.
  12. This is with nothing at all switched on, just the loop.
  13. Hey man. I'm using an FX loop for the final send so I'm not using the master volume! I tried it though and about noon-1 o'clock does seem about right if using that.
  14. The line returning to the FX loop is too hot it seems.
  15. Meaning, I need to be sending to the front end instrument level and the loop line level.
  16. Ok, so the Line/Instrument selection is purely an output thing? Nothing to do with the inputs?
  17. So I just tried it another way, by putting the amp's FX loop in loop 2 of the Helix - return 2 in the signal chain, then outputting at Send 2 and setting that to line level. This way I have to set the final output at -4dB to match the loop with nothing in it... I guess that's the +4dB line level thing rather than 0dB?! Any help would be great.
  18. Can anybody help me with the finer points of a 4CM setup? I'm using a CAA OD100 and want to use the Helix for everything effect and switching related. I have it all set up, but when compared to my pedalboard being in the loop, the Helix setup is always louder. So much set that I'm setting the final output at -11dB to match the volume of nothing at all in the loop. Does this sound right? Am I supposed to be using the final output to match the levels or is there a better way/something I'm missing? The OD100 has a line level loop and I have it set the following way... Guitar to Helix in Helix FX send 1 to Amp inpit Amp FX send to Helix Return 1 Helix Send 3 (final output) to Amp FX return. I have FX loop one set at instrument, for the amp input to see the right level and FX loop 3 at Line, for the FX return. Only issue I guess I can see there is that the amp's FX send is sending a line level signal, but I tried patching that into FX return 2 on the Helix, set to line level and it all seemed mega loud. Common sense makes me think I need to isolate the amp's loop and make it see only line level signals, but having tried it by using three of the Helix's loops, I dunno what else to try? I guess just dipping the level at output is an option but I'd prefer it to be totally unity somehow? Any help would be great.
  19. Ahh, this is what I was after. I had my XLR outputs set to Line and it was absolutely raging at the input of my interface. I'll try out Mic tomorrow. Basically all of the above is exactly what I was after. I do quite a lot of gigs where IEM mixes are saved as show files so I needed consistency. Plus night after night on a tour, I didn't want to have to be nudging that sensitive volume knob around! Mic is significantly lower in output than Line, right? Thanks a ton guys!
  20. Hi guys, Is there a way of setting the global output volume for the XLR outs? I have my Volume knob on the Helix itself controlling just the 1/4"outputs for using with my amps, but I want the XLRs to be set to a certain level so I'm always sending FOH a consistent level. Is there a way of setting the global output dB level or is it on a per patch basis? I gigged with mine this weekend with the Volume pretty much in line with the V on the actual Volume text, so if anybody knows a rough dB level that that equates to, that would be killer. Thanks
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