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    I knew it was something simple-explained clearly in the manual. Thank you.
  2. When building a preset from scratch on STOMP XL , the blocks are empty when I bring up the preset in STOMP mode. I'm using EDIT on my computer to build the presets. What am I doing wrong or not doing?
  3. My STOMP seems to be defaulting to Pedal edit mode. I can't get it to STOMP mode. Instead of turning the block on or off, it goes into pedal edit mode. This is not how I want to use the device. I've done a factory reset and am running the latest firmware 3.11.0. Am I doing something basic, simple and WRONG?
  4. When installing workbench software, I get the message: Must have Mac OS 10.5 or higher for installation. The thing is, I'm running OS 10.12.6 This occurs on my MacBook Pro and my iMac. Have tried restarting and downloading several times with the same results. Thoughts, anyone?
  5. I've got plenty of other apps functioning quite well-post update. Apparently they got the memo from Apple. These things don't happen overnight. They are done with,a I would guess, a fair amount of communication, planning and common sense. Not being ready, not notifying users is nothing short of irresponsible. It's not the end of the world, by any means. Nonetheless, my confidence is shaken by a company that seems as surprised by updates as I am.
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