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  1. So after updating several months ago, a few days ago my entire HX Effects unit went dead on me. Had a friend figure it out, but we uninstalled and went back to 2.70 version and bingo, all came alive again. I was one happy dude. Really odd but glad my friend found it. Hope you don't have same problem but if so, reinstall 2.70. thx
  2. Brofsu

    HX Effects tuner

    Great advice from everyone and I’ll try again tonight. I’m age 62 but still playin Hendrix, Clapton, Zeppelin, etc thank God. love it loud with distortion and my classic rock. Just a bit technologically challenged ya might say but I’m trying. Learning curve on this HX Effects for me but I love the size and effects. I’ll get it. thanks again.
  3. Brofsu

    HX Effects tuner

    Just got a brand new amp, Dr Z Max 18 and want to use Effects loop, but not 4 cable method, 3 cables cuz I want more than just running into front of amp. im a rookie, new at this so step by step plug in procedure would be appreciated. Firmware 7.1 and tuner on HX Effects is awful. Flying all over the place and hard to get accurate, that’s why I wanted to use old reliable TC Electronics tuner. so simple and accurate when just using a few pedals.
  4. Brofsu

    HX Effects tuner

    Want to connect my TC Electronics tuner into my HX Effects but not having any luck. Suggestions on how to connect appreciated. thx
  5. Thank you. Will give it a try.
  6. Suggestions please for an Allman Brothers type patch for my HX Effects. Love their lightly distorted rhythm tones but can’t seem to dial in. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Thank you all for your help. I’ll give it a try. thanks again.
  8. I also want to buy a Mission pedal for volume. Do I have to assign it to each of my presets individually or will it be a plug and play. Really need a volume pedal and they say Mission is the one I want. thanks again for your help.
  9. Thanks so much. Fortunately I know which order my pedals on my board are to run. On the HX, if I start with overdrive in top left spot and work my way across and down, won’t they be in the correct order of the chain without me having to do anything else, me not having to assign due to fact I’ve lined them up properly?
  10. Just got my HX effects recently and struggling a bit. I'm over age 60, not tech savy, so please be patient with my question here. I'm crawling before I walk. Here is my question: If I'm looking down at the board in stomp mode, in what order do I arrange the 6 box options? I think top left is overdrive, directly across on top reverb, across to top right delay. I'm struggling with which effect/order the bottom row should contain. Looking down, what should I put first, what in the middle and what in the final switch option on far right? I hope this makes sense. I'll eventually learn to do this via my computer/Mac but for now I want to start manually and keep it basic. I love distortion, know I need a compressor, etc but again, not sure what order. I know it's backwards from running my old pedal board where i started with tuner into Wah, into Tube Screamer, into Blues Driver, into Chorus, into reverb and into delay and then into amp. That's my old pedalboard setup. I know I need to learn how use the Assign Controller, etc which I will do down the road but again for now, I just want to know the basic order and I can choose which effects to line up manually. Hope this makes sense. Suggestions for this non-tech, older dude still tryin to rock would be appreciated. I love my old Tube amp so looking forward to learning and using the HX Effects. Thank you. I
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