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  1. Thanks for the tip, Brofsu. Will file it away in case I need it. So far, so good!
  2. Many, many thanks for this response, you've assured me that there is nothing technically wrong with the unit. It makes sense to me, and yes, I've already overwritten that preset. All else seems to work well with the unit thus far. I am now wading my way through the Pilot's Guide. Much to learn. Again, thanks not just for the response, but the clarification.
  3. I'll certainly follow your suggestion, but my basic question was a simple one. When resetting to factory settings is there an odd sounding present at 16A named !!!INITIATE!!!. I realize many here are light-years ahead of me in knowledge about the HX Effects, and apologize if I'm wasting time with noobie questions, but I thought perhaps someone else might try the reset, or has tried it, and come up with the same result. I"ll certainly contact customer support, but I figured rather than bother them I could get the answer here. I do appreciate the responses thus far.
  4. Yes, this is what I'm looking for. Thanks. It is an odd preset and when I step on the button it activates, and sounds as if every effect is playing at once. I'm not even strumming the guitar to activate it. Very strange. All else seems to work fine. I did buy the unit used, so not sure if previous owner had done something to alter it. I re-installed the latest firmware and factory-reset it twice, and preset 16A is still labelled !!!INITIATE!!!. If anyone else has this following a factory-reset then I guess I'm all set. Am going over all the literature so I'll be able to understand what's going on with the rest of it. Had an M9 for a number of years and decided to upgrade to the HX. So far am very pleased with it.
  5. No one can give me a response to this? I've tried doing a search, but have come up empty handed. If I'm in the worng place would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  6. I would, but I just got the unit and am learning how to use it. Might be a while before I can get uploaded. What's in the Preset 16A on your HX Effects?
  7. Not sure if anyone else has this, but I noticed an odd preset following an update to 2.71 on my HX Effects. The preset is 16A and is titled !!!INITIATE!!! I turn it on and it's a jumbe of sound coming through my amp that I can only turn off by changing the present. Does anyone else have this preset, and what is it? I tried doing some research but can seem to find anything. Any info, guidance would be most appreciated Thanks!
  8. I was able to reinstall the Firmware and that appears to have restored the original settings. Still didn't work by using the Tap button and Model Select knob. Something is probably not working as it should. Appreciate everyone's help here. Thanks.
  9. "You can reinstall the firmware in Monkey even if it says you have the latest. I don't have Monkey installed on this computer to check, but I believe the option is on the right of the screen." OK, I'll give it another shot. thanks.
  10. I appreciate the suggestions, but my problem is that I have followed the instrudtions to a T. The issue is that for some reason it's not recognizing the timing between hitting the Tap button followed by the Model select knob. As I've said, I've tried it at least 100 times with various timings, and nothing. It always goes into Looper mode. I did try reinstalling via Monkey, but it indicated I already had the latest Firmware, unless there's a way to override that and reinstall. So, my question is whether there is an alternate way for Factory Reset, or if there is indeed something wrong with the switches. To be honest, I found this a pretty awkward way to reset. Especially requiring such specific timing.
  11. Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere here. I tried to do a search and came up with nothing. I have been trying for a couple of days to factory restore the settings on my M9. I follow all the directions, but the problem is in hitting the looper button and the model select button. For some reason my timing is probably off by a fraction of a second, or it's defective. I've done this at least 100 times, and all it does is turn on the looper. Is there alternate way to factory restore this unit? A quick search of the internet shows that many others are having the same problem. Am hoping to find a solution here. thanks.
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